Accredited Child Safe Organisation

As a Child Wise Child Safe Organisation we:

  • Are committed to protecting children in our care.
  • Understand the nature and risks of child abuse and have an open and aware culture.
  • Discuss and report child abuse safely.
  • Have policies and procedures in place to protect children and staff.
  • Have established and maintain a child safe environment as the main consideration in all our activities and management practices.
  • Ensure all service users and participants are aware of our organisational policy and commitment to child protection.
  • Are preventative not reactive.
  • Understand and act on the moral and legal imperatives of protecting children in our care.
  • Acknowledge the damage an incident of abuse would do to a child, their family, and people within and outside our organisation and with our organisation itself.
  • Have safeguards to protect children, staff, volunteers and the organisation.
  • Have clear boundaries of roles between staff and children.
  • Are open to outside accountability.
  • Have staff and volunteers who are adequately supervised and trained.
  • Recognise and act on children's rights.
  • Do all that we can to protect all children.

For more information about Child Wise and Child Safe Certification, click here.