Alcohol & Other Drugs

Uniting offers support for people who are managing problems associated with alcohol and other drug use. All our treatment and support services are free.

Alcohol & Other Drugs Counselling

Alcohol & Other Drugs Counselling offers support to people aged 16 and over who are experiencing problems with alcohol and drug use. We can also provide support to their families. Our counsellors will:

  • Help you to set achievable goals to reduce your alcohol and/or drug use;
  • Work with you to increase your motivation for change;
  • Help you to build knowledge and skills to prevent a relapse;
  • Talk to you about minimising the harm that your alcohol and/or drug use is causing;
  • Help you build connection with your community;
  • Identify other services which might benefit you on your recovery journey.

Alcohol & Other Drugs Care and Recovery

Alcohol & Other Drugs Care and Recovery is for people who have more complex needs. The Care and Recovery program works with people to engage them in a range of other support services to better support them on their treatment journey. This could include housing, mental health support, or health care etc. There services will then work together to better support the recovery journey. Families will also be involved in planning and support.


How to access AOD help

Uniting Wimmera's AOD team can assist you to enter the program directly. Friends and family members who have concerns are also encouraged to make contact with us so we can assist with a referral into the program. Fill out the form below, or contact intake on 1800 195 114 (business hours only). 

If you or someone you love would like more information or to make and appointment call us on 1800 195 114 or email