Toby and Phoebe's journey

Toby and Phoebe found out they were expecting their first child when they were just 17 and 16 years old respectively. The unexpected news took a toll on the young couple and they were scared to tell Phoebe’s parents – who they both lived with.

A chaplain at Phoebe’s school advised them to make contact with Uniting to see what support or services might be available to them. After emailing the Intake Team, Phoebe and Toby scheduled an appointment to do an assessment.

During that process, the young couple revealed that Phoebe’s dad had a drinking problem and they were concerned he could become abusive when they shared their news. The Intake Worker also suspected there was a history of mental health issues.

Over a period of 18 months, Phoebe and Toby were able to access the following programs through Uniting Wimmera:

  • Early Parenting Support
  • Family counselling
  • A family support mentor
  • Young Parents Playgroup

Phoebe’s dad was also linked in with Alcohol and Other Drug Services and Personal Helpers and Mentors .