Things to consider

Your child's early learning experience is important. Consider taking the following steps before making a decision:

  • Make an initial phone call to the services you are interested in to confirm that places are available for the times and days that you need. You can also make a mutually convenient time to visit the service with your child.

  • Before you visit a service think about things that are important to you and your family and make note of some questions you would like to ask the director or educators, these may include: 
    • How will I know what activities my child has done that day?
    • What is the sleeping routine like in my child's room?
    • How does the service reflect the community in which it is located?

  • Have a look at the physical set-up of the whole service and consider whether your child will be happy and safe. Consider whether the service is equipped to meet your child's particular needs, including disability or cultural requirements.

  • Meet with the educators and make sure you and your child feel comfortable interacting with them.

  • When your child first attends a childcare service, he or she may want some comfort from you to help him or her settle in. A quality childcare service recognises this, and should welcome your participation and work with you to make your child feel safe and secure.

  • A quality childcare service will make sure there are opportunities for you to visit the service and discuss how your child is going. You can also contact the service yourself and arrange a time to speak with your child's educator. Services must have a quiet, private area where you can talk.

  • You should be aware of how to provide feedback to the service, and what processes are in place in case you have any concerns or complaints about the education and care being provided to your child.

  • It is not always possible to get a full picture of a childcare service before you make the decision to place your child in the service. By keeping in contact with your child's service, you can get a better idea of how the service operates.