Pre-School Field Officer (PSFO)

The PSFO supports the access and participation of children with developmental concerns and additional needs in four-year-old funded kindergarten, through consultation, resourcing and advising teachers and families. The PSFO also coordinates the Kindergarten Inclusion Support Service (KIS) which builds capacity of funded four-year-old kindergarten programs to support the inclusion of children with a disability. This is often in the form of employing and supporting and additional staff member to work in the centre when this child is in attendance.

PSFO support is available to any family/teacher/professional with a child attending funded four-year-old kindergarten with Parental Consent. KIS service is available to children with a diagnosed disability (defined by Disability Act 2006) with high support needs, complex medical needs, or is undergoing continuing assessment of a possible disability.

A referral can be made by a parent, kindergarten teacher or other professional working with the child and family. Referral forms are available through the kindergarten, professional or PSFO directly. Referrals for KIS funding, need to complete a KIS application available through DET.

To find out more contact Uniting Wimmera (PSFO) Jenny Carter on 5362 4084.