Family Support

Best Start

Delkaia Aboriginal Best Start (in partnership with Goolum Goolum) is a prevention and early intervention program that aims to improve the health development, learning and wellbeing of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in the age range of 0-8 years in the Wimmera region.


Education and care for children from birth. See Early Years for more information.


ChildFIRST is the first point of contact for families who need some assistance with the day-to-day upbringing of their children. ChildFIRST meets with families to discuss their needs and concerns and then connects them to people and services that can best help them.

ChildFIRST Alliance

The ChildFIRST Alliance Worker promotes a multi-agency approach to meeting the needs of vulnerable children by strengthening relationships and partnerships within the Alliance – in particular DHS Child Protection, ChildFIRST and Family Support services.

ChildFIRST Interim Support

An early intervention and prevention strategy which supports those who require immediate intensive support.

Early Childhood Development

Strengthens the integration, linkages and partnerships between Early Years service providers and ChildFIRST/Family Services to maximise vulnerable children and families’ opportunities in accessing and remaining engaged with universal and secondary early years’ services.

Early Parenting Support

The Early Parenting Support Worker provides support for families who are having a baby and have limited support within their community. The worker can help link them into the services the need pre-birth to ensure that both baby and parent/s feel supported.

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Family Counselling

Family Counselling is available for anyone in a family with children aged under 18 years who are experiencing issues such as family separation, stress, grief and loss, relationship problems, etc.

Family Mediation

Family Mediation encompasses Youth Family Reconciliation which facilitates mediation with young people aged 15-25 and their families; and Finding Solutions, which is an early intervention program targeted at youth aged 12-16 years and their families, who have been identified as requiring assistance to avoid family breakdown.

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Family Support

Family Support works with families in their home to help them with the challenges of being a parent, such as managing a child’s behaviour, school issues, health concerns, budgeting and housework.

Pre-school Field Officer

The PSFO supports the access and participation of children with developmental concerns and additional needs in four-year-old funded kindergarten, through consultation, resourcing and advising teachers and families.

Step Up Wimmera

The Step Up Wimmera program is designed to work with families where an adolescent has been violent or abusive towards either their siblings or parents/primary care givers. The program is open to young people aged 12-16 years and their parents/primary carers.


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